A wolf/canine role play for all levels. We encourage learning about wolves, role playing and making friends. We are an friendly role play, with many ranks and jobs to choose from.
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Welcome to ESP, Guest! I hope you enjoy your time here!
All Guests are welcome to join the pack in the 'Join The Pack' forum under Applications!
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 The Nyxius Clan

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PostSubject: The Nyxius Clan   Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:23 pm

A tight-knit prideful family that began with the second mortal wolf who became a part of the ESP pack. Our blood runs from a line of great hunters and warriors, but mainly, admirers and guardians of the night. We risk our lives for each other, and never forget a single family member. 
You may wonder what the name "Nyxius" means? It is a Greek name that means "of the night" or simply "night". They have many names they refer us to, such as Nyxius, Nyx's, Nyxians, or just the original Nyx.

  List of family members who want a Blood Pup:
-no one-

  List of family members who want a Blood Sibling:
-no one-

  List of family members who want to adopt a Pup:
-no one-

  List of family members who want to adopt a Sibling:
-no one-

  List of family members who are looking for a Mate:
-no one-

Key wrote:

= Mate
= Sibling
= Parent
= Adopted
= Left
= Dead


Family Member:

Family Member:
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The Nyxius Clan
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