A wolf/canine role play for all levels. We encourage learning about wolves, role playing and making friends. We are an friendly role play, with many ranks and jobs to choose from.
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Welcome to ESP, Guest! I hope you enjoy your time here!
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 RP Laws/Rules

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PostSubject: RP Laws/Rules   Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:33 am

RP Rules!
Follow all of these, if you don't just shall be punished depending on what you did wrong...

>You only control your own character. You cannot control other players, nor NPCs (non playable characters) such as prey, loner wolves, etc.
>No power playing!
>No Gary/Mary Sues! You must have two weaknesses and strengths at least!
>Respect all no matter who or what rank they are!
>Act appropriately! Meaning no foul language or inappropriate content! This is an Family Friendly pack!
>Use grammar! Things like lol and brb are fine. Anything else is just a big no!
>Post in RP once a week!
>Keep semi realistic, but your wolf still can also speak and have emotions, though!
>All posts must be at least three words long, unless it's in the games & fun part of the forum or in the chat!
>All RP posts must be at least three sentences long. Nothing less!
>No double posting unless the admins or mods said so!
>Follow all rules!
>The Majesty and Stars decide who does what, do not do anything without telling them via PM or in RP!

In Character Laws!
These are in-character laws. Meaning they only apply in the pack's RP.

>Respect your Majesty, Stars and pack members!
>Do not fight unless the Majesty knows.
>Only hunt when a Star aproves.
>Do not fight unless the Majesty knows.
>Stay away from rogues.
>Do not come near the pack with a foaming mouth!
>Protect the pups whatever the cost!
>Do not come near the den with strangers.
>When in war, do not charge in without orders!
>Do whatever you can to make sure the pack survives!
>Never leave a member behind!
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RP Laws/Rules
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