A wolf/canine role play for all levels. We encourage learning about wolves, role playing and making friends. We are an friendly role play, with many ranks and jobs to choose from.
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PostSubject: ☾ ○ Katrina ♀ Wildé ○ ☽   Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:59 am

Name: Katrina Wildé.
Nickname: Wild, Kat, Trina, Kitty, Wilder, etc.
Gender: Female, 100% lady.
Species: Grey Wolf.
Sub Species: 30% Timber, 50% European, and 20% Arctic.
Age: Three years exactly.
Family: Family Tree~
Friends: None yet...
Clan: None yet...
Rank: Majesty Moon.

Build: Katrina is very sleek, streamline. Yet she also has much strength. She's very well balanced, but she doesn't rely on strength, speed, stamina or agility. Instead, she relies on wisdom.
Fur Texture: Very thick, and soft. But lower on her legs and face it's a smooth as silk. It can be a bother during the summer, if it malts late. When it does malt, it is replaced by less dense fur, slightly rough in some areas.
Fur Colour: She's a dirty brown, or dark cream all over.
Eye Colour: It is a azure with flecks of grey, green and even golden browns. Making it look like a galaxy, with many stars.
Markings: She has a dark splotch on her head and a white tail tip.
Scars: Strange white markings in the shape of claw marks are thought to be deep scars.
Accessories: She can sometimes be seen with a flower or feather behind her ear.

Traits: She's a very laid back wolf, and enjoys the little things in life. She hates being forced to do something, and likes to do things at her own will. She can be very stubborn, and hates being corrected. But she has a thirst to learn more, and loves to explore the world. She's a bit of a flirt around males, and she's very protective of her family and pack, she enjoys good talks with a fellow wolf, and being in groups. But she can't stand being in a crowd. Overall, she is a fair leader, doing selfless acts for the pack even though her own nature goes against it, she is surprisingly wise for her age and how she was raised. She very loyal and brave, and will not leave someone behind!
History: Katrina lived a simple life, despite her parents always ignoring her and the rest of her siblings for their eldest son. She left her birth pack early in life, at age one. She didn't really like that pack anyway. One day, she met a young male the same age as she. They soon became mates and had pups, just as their instincts told them to. But, when the pups were three months old, Katrina came home with a foaming mouth and bloodshot eyes. That day, blood flowed through the crystal river that flowed near the den. It was not of Katrina's, but of her own kin that she had killed. It took months for her to return to her normal self, but she cried day and night for three weeks about all of the wolves she had killed. A year had passed, she had left her old home and past far behind her. She had came to the land where the sky ruled. Where the stars are always seen. Where this land is? Nobody truly knows, all that is  known is that it is on the ends of earth. Only entered by a huge mountain... This is where our story begins...
Talents: Wisdom, humour, loyalty, bravery, spirit to never give in, hunting, fighting, etc.
Weaknesses: Blind in right eye, being reminded of her past, fear of fire, etc.
Likes: Star gazing, relaxing, males, flirting, respect, humour, learning, exploring, her pack/family.
Dislikes: Wolves that don't shut up, wolves without humour, disrespect, being forced to do something, being corrected, fire.
Hopes: To love again, to have pups again.
Fears: Fire, that her pack/family dies, that history would repeat itself, the sickness.
Skills: 60 Wisdom, 35 Stamina, 35 Speed, 35 Strength, 35 Grace/Agility.

Vocal: Not only does she have an Australian accent, but Katrina also has a very deep voice for a female's natural vocal.
Languages: English, and some French.
Scent: She smells of lillies, fresh mist, and sometimes she can smell a bit earthy, but she still has that canine-wolf-like scent.
Fav. Colours: All colours of the sky!
Fav. Animals: Owls, she admires all wisdom, mostly their's, and turtles, she admires how old they can live
Theme Songs: Unnder Pressure - Rhythm Nation, Rawhide - Unknown, Poison - Every Rose Had It's Thorn, Placebo and Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill, Calvin Harria - Bounce ft. Kelis, Ellie Goulding - Lights, Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen, The Perishers - Sway, Of Monsters and Men - King and Lionheart, and Avicii vs. Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One

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☾ ○ Katrina ♀ Wildé ○ ☽
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